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breadcrum_ Apr 05 at 04:49am HDT

Media extraction is timing out. Investigating.

breadcrum_ Mar 29 at 06:06am HDT

Introducing Readability Archives!

๐Ÿ”–Now when you save a bookmark
๐Ÿ—„๏ธA readability view is archived along side it
โณ It remains even after the link dies
๐Ÿ˜ŽAnd serves the foundation of a lot of cool upcoming features.

breadcrum_ Mar 27 at 05:03am HDT


breadcrum_ Mar 09 at 03:10pm HST

The feeds page has a discovered media preview now!

breadcrum_ Mar 07 at 10:43am HST

Tested recently andI work well with @antennapod

If you are on android check them out!

breadcrum_ Mar 06 at 04:42pm HST

Thee great new features now available!
- server side metadata fetching
- optimistic episode creation
- Apple shortcut support!

Here is server side meta + apple shortcut support in tandem

breadcrum_ Mar 06 at 04:38pm HST

All downtime and instability seems to be resolved. Our upstream provider had some instability, but it seems resolved now. Thanks for sticking with it!!

breadcrum_ Mar 04 at 05:48pm HST

Server side bookmark metadata is now an available feature for clients that can't extract metadata easily (iOS Share sheet).

Also episodes are now created automatically on some domains.

breadcrum_ Mar 04 at 08:07am HST

Our upstream hosting provider is down and so I'm down. Sorry about that!

Enjoy your backlog of episodes in the meantime!

breadcrum_ Feb 27 at 06:01pm HST

I have an updated bookmarklet. When you update, you will see a version number near the bottom. You will see update notifications when a newer bookmarklet is available.